Monday, September 04, 2006

Pride and prejudice (chapters 7)

Chapter 7

In this chapter, Mr Collins makes a proposal of marriage to Lizzy, but she refused it. Mr Bennet said to Lizzy: your mother will never see you again if you do not marry Mr Collins, and I will never see you again if you do

Pride and prejudice (chapters 6)

Lizzy and Jane were talking in the garden when Mr Bingley and his sister arrived to give their personal invitation for the ball at Netherfield. When Lizzy asked Mr Collins if he would go to the party, he accepted and promised her to dance specially with her. Although she wanted to dance with Mr Wickham, she accepted.
The day of the ball, Lizzy danced with Mr Collins. She left really ashamed about it. Then she danced with an officer and finally, Mr Darcy asked to her hand. Lizzy asked him about Mr Wickham and he changed quickly the subject. When Mr Bingley and Jane finished dancing, Miss Bingley went towards Eliza and warned her against Mr Wickham. Mr Collins discovered that Mr Darcy was a relative of a lady Catherine, so he went to ask him some questions.
After having supper, Mary got ready to entertain the company. Her voice was weak and her manner unnatural, so his father stopped her, Mr Collins continued at Eliza’s side and Mr Darcy took no more notice of her.

Pride and prejudice (chapters 5)

All the sisters, except Mary, went to walk to Meryton, where they met a new officer, Mr Wickham.
While they were talking with Mr Wickham, Mr

Bingley and Mr Darcy had appeared. On recognizing the ladies in the group, the two gentlemen came directly towards them, and began the usual polite greetings. Suddenly Mr Darcy fixed his eyes on Mr Wickham, and after a few moments, touched his hat in greeting, but Mr Darcy seemed hardly to move a finger in return. Lizzy was astonished and wanted to know the reason for this behaviour.
At Meryton the young people had accepted an invitation from their aunt to supper and cards. Then, they heard that Mr Wickham was going to be there too. After a long talk, Lizzy noticed that the problem between Darcy and Wickham was because Mr Darcy’s father left Wickham, on his death, the best living to which he had the power to make an appointment, as soon as it became free. She too noticed, that is believed that Miss de Bourgh and her cousin (Darcy), will unite their fortune by marriage.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Stange but true!

Last summer I went to the cementery to visit my dead granfather. I was walking on the grass, looking at the eatiful flowers that were in all the cementery .
I found my grandfather ´s tumb. I left there some flowers and I clean it.
When I began to pry I noticed that someome had left a leter next to my relatives tumb.
I tried to read it but sudadenly, I heard a shout.
When I turned back all the tumb opened and the dead bodys was coming towards me, I ram oway; but then, nobody was there .
I was too afraid , so I wamt to my house.
I don¨ t know what really happened that day....